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Teaching with Video

Digital citizenship for video calls.

With a little guidance, video calls can be productive and engaging experiences for students. Mari Venturino shares norms and expectations for her students during class video chats. 

Videos they'll remember!

If you're making instructional videos -- or if your students are creating videos to show what they know -- you must check out these ideas!

Slow internet is a headache

Lots of students deal with it. Their internet speed is slow. Or too many devices are on the WiFi. What can we do to help?

This post shares ways to optimize your video -- or avoid video altogether.

Learn Flipgrid in 5 steps

Author Holly Clark shares this FREE online course to master the basics of Flipgrid. It includes lots of videos, downloads, ideas and more!

Video activity ideas

Need some creative ideas for student video activities? This post will get your students' creative juices flowing!

Video with purpose

Video conference tools can be lifesavers for maintaining human connections and guiding student learning from a distance, writes Catlin Tucker. She suggests ideas for using video conferences effectively in this post.